Up Lighting or Wash lighting

Is the most common technique used to accent key focal points in the landscape and create shadows on walls.


It is often used to illuminate a specimen plant by placing two or more spot light fixtures at the base and angling them upward, illuminating both the bark and canopy. Boulders, sculptures, and garden structures can also be highlighted.

Down Lighting or Moon Lighting 

By placing a fixture in a tree and aiming it downwards, art imitates nature by creating the tranquil appearance of light filtering through the branches on a moonlit night. can brighten up a bench area or pathway with gentle, soft large pools of light. Landscape lighting fixtures can be placed on the trunk of a tree, under a shaded overhead structure, or under an eve

Decks Patios and Backyards

Brightening up decks and patios with fixtures that can be installed beneath benches, as recessed lights in the risers of steps, and as surface lights on vertical posts and underneath railings.


These applications contribute to safety as well as security by illuminating changes in elevation and effectively lighting up deck drop-offs or edges, allowing visitors to negotiate stairways with ease.

Ponds and Water Falls

Accomplished by positioning a luminaire within behind waterfalls 90 degrees vertically.


This approach works beauitifully with ponds, waterfalls, wet-gardens


This technique casts a shadow on a vertical surface by placing a fixture directly in front of the subject and aiming the light through it.


This is a great method of showing off the unique branch structure of unusual greenery and adds security to your home as well.


Trees and plants having unique branch structure create an engaging appearance when silhouetted.


This technique is produced by placing a fixture directly behind the subject and pointing it at a vertical surface.


The dark image of the subject is displayed when the observer is viewing from the foreground Silhouetting is good to show off the shape of an object,but not the color or texture.

Garden lighting

Garden lighting will not only extend the usability of a garden but also has the potential to add night time drama to your garden. Discreetly back lit seating combined with delicate spread lighting will invite the user into the garden for relaxation.


We all have different ideas of how we wish to use our garden at night; it may be for entertaining, an area to retreat to, or to simply enjoy the foliage and features from inside the house. Design and installation by our professional team will deliver a practical system that will meet all of your needs.

Path Lighting 

This type of outdoor lighting is exactly what it sounds like. It often features light fixtures installed along a path to illuminate a walkway.


One of the reasons you’d want to get this type of lighting is for safety purposes, but it also creates lines around the house that could accent other light fixturrs

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